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Landscaping to support Native Bees

Did you know, bumblebees are used to poilinate tomatoes in greenhouses? That's right; not honey bees, but bumblebees, using a process called buzz pollination. It's also rare to get stung by a bumblebee. What to know why?

Come to this workshop on native been and I'll tell you. You'll learn about native bees, how to support our native bees in your garden and why this is a good thing. You'll also learn how native bees can help you. This workshop is at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos.

We'll post a registration link for this event when registration is open.

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Drought tolerant soil for drought tolerant plants

Are you treating your soil right? Do you give it the love and care it needs to support your California native plant garden? So many of us look at our valley clay with disdain and have dreams of sandy loam. In truth, we are lucky. Santa Clara Valley has been highly productive through decades of agriculture and grassland, shrub-land and forest ecosystems for millennia before that, because of the soil. Our native soil is the perfect medium for growing native plants. Sometimes though, it needs a little help. California native plants have evolved in relationship with native soil microorganisms. Learn about the diversity of life in the soil; the relationships between plants and soil life; and how to encourage and grow beneficial microbes in your soil. Brian will share his experience of turning a typical South Valley lawn, into a thriving native garden that uses very little irrigation water.

This presentation is offered by the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the California Native Plant Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter.

The event will be held at the Mountain View Public Library, 585 Franklin St
Mountain View CA 94041. No pre-registration required.

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California Native Grasses (and near grass plants) in the landscape

Grass is grass right? If that's the case, why do we spend so much time trying to get rid of bermuda grass? California has many native species of grasses that grow in a variety of conditions and environments. Come hear about the benefits of using native California grasses in your home landscape. California native grasses use little to no water and are low maintenance while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden. They also provide special habitat benefits for native bees and other beneficial insects. You may even go home with a stipa pulchra; the official California state grass.

This workshop will be presented at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos. Visit the Lyngso events page.

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