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California Native Grasses (and near grass plants) in the landscape

Grass is grass right? If that's the case, why do we spend so much time trying to get rid of bermuda grass? California has many native species of grasses that grow in a variety of conditions and environments. Come hear about the benefits of using native California grasses in your home landscape. California native grasses use little to no water and are low maintenance while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden. They also provide special habitat benefits for native bees and other beneficial insects. You may even go home with a stipa pulchra; the official California state grass.

This workshop will be presented at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos. Visit the Lyngso events page.

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Landscaping to support Native Bees

Did you know, bumblebees are used to poilinate tomatoes in greenhouses? That's right; not honey bees, but bumblebees, using a process called buzz pollination. It's also rare to get stung by a bumblebee. What to know why?

Come to this workshop on native been and I'll tell you. You'll learn about native bees, how to support our native bees in your garden and why this is a good thing. You'll also learn how native bees can help you. This workshop is at Lyngso Garden Materials in San Carlos.

We'll post a registration link for this event when registration is open.

Mar 5

San Jose Spring Home Show

Come talk to us about your landscaping project at the San Jose Spring Home Show at the McEnery Convention Center.