Healthy Landscapes Start Below the Surface

Soil is the most important component to healthy plants. Healthy, living soil improves plant health with reduced weed pressure.

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It's All About the Soil

For every $1 spent in the garden, $.90 should be spent on the soil. Healthy, living soil is key to success in the garden.

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Healthy Soil Contributes to Healthy Communities

Healthy living soil filters water and removes carbon dioxide from the air.

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Great Landscapes Start With Healthy Soil

You don't need to apply chemicals to your lawn and garden for healthy, attractive plants. Garden pesticides are a growing problem for our health and environment. We provide landscape maintenance services for home owners, property managers and municipalities. Improved soil health results in thicker lawns and healthier vegetable and flower gardens. We are based in San Jose California and serve the Bay Area. A major part of our service is the application of our own high quality compost tea.

- The health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.
-Sir Albert Howard